The Temple of Vathnia
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Sixty-Six Thousand years ago an Archangel named Adion made the horrifying discovery that absorbing a human soul gave him a large boost in power. Absorbing many human souls made him almost god-like.  It was done the first time by accident. The following was not.
At this time, humans were immortal. They had reached the peak of their guided development and the Goddesses and Priestesses and given them their final reward. They were now true Ahmerians. They were being taught to control and govern their world, Vathnia.
When Adion and his men made their aweful discovery and began killing and stripping the souls from the Vathnian people, the Goddesses and Priestesses were outraged and contacted the Goddesses Nyx and Athanasia.  Athanasia sent Her Bondmate the Archangel Lucifer and His Legions to do battle with the renegades and stop their carnage.  Adion and His warriors, strengthened with the souls of the dead, fought the Legions like no enemy they had ever face. Lucifer brought in more Legions and Adion in desperation caused two asteriods to hit the planet in two of the deepest areas of the water. Creating huge floods on the land and killing millions. He and his Warriors power surged to impossible peaks.
Lord Lucifer and his Legions withdrew in horror.
These events are recorded and noted in various religious accounts and scientific research....... Now you know the truth of what happened so long ago.

Lady Sharon

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